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TarantisT is a dynamic force in the music world, emerging from the vibrant underground scene of Tehran, Iran, with a sound that defies convention and ignites passion. Since their formation in 2000, this group of daring musicians has captivated audiences with their explosive sound, rebellious lyrics, and raw energy.

Hailing from the basements of Tehran, TarantisT fearlessly pushes boundaries in a country where rock music often faces resistance. Despite the challenges they encounter, they deliver powerful performances that resonate with the struggles and aspirations of a generation seeking liberation through the universal language of rock.
Originally rooted in the alternative rock and heavy metal scenes of Tehran, TarantisT rose to prominence through their clandestine yet thunderous performances. Word of mouth in the underground quickly sparked an international following, drawing the attention of media outlets such as BBC, SKY, CNN, NPR, Metal Hammer, and Kerrang. Their story inspired journalists from around the globe to visit Tehran, amplifying their reach and influence.

In 2008, TarantisT made a bold move, relocating to Los Angeles, California, to further their musical journey. This transition opened doors to international stages and festivals, including SXSW, where iconic acts like Metallica, Motörhead, Stone Temple Pilots, and Muse shared stage. TarantisT solidified their reputation as a formidable presence in the rock world.

With each performance, TarantisT continues to push the boundaries of their craft, delivering electrifying experiences that leave audiences captivated and hungry for more. Their music speaks to the human experience, channeling the spirit of rebellion and resilience in the face of adversity. TarantisT is not just a band; they are a testament to the power of music to transcend barriers and inspire change.

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