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Amplifying Iranian Voices for Artistic Freedom



HOMANITY is a compilation album featuring prominent Iranian artists to raise awareness about the censorship and persecution of artists in Iran. Music, although an integral part of Iranian culture, is treated by the government of the Republic of Iran as inherently corrupting and is strictly censored and can be punishable by imprisonment and even torture.  


In response, HOMANITY fights back against repressive regimes by showcasing censored art and artists that have dedicated their lives to standing up for freedom of expression and for a world where artists of every gender, color, religion, and sexual orientation can produce their music without fear.

What does HOMANITY mean?

The title HOMANITY references the Persian mythological phoenix Homa, who promotes freedom and protects those who fight for freedom from oppression. The Homa phoenix is a powerful symbol in Persian culture as it promotes unity between all people to fight for freedom, as together, we stand stronger against those that seek to silence us.


“Artistic Freedom has always been a fundamental element of peaceful societies. Music serves as a unique vehicle that inspires, empowers, and promotes understanding. HOMANITY is an important effort to shed light on how Iranian artists brave imprisonment by creating music in the face of censorship, harassment, and imprisonment. Hip Hop culture is about peace, unity, and tolerance. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting to express themselves", said Rocky Bucano, Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum.


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