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Iranian Musicians Prep ‘Homanity’ Compilation to Raise Awareness of Censorship, Persecution of Artists

A group of Iranian musicians have contributed to a new compilation, Homanity, to raise awareness about the censorship and persecution artists face in Iran. The compilation was spearheaded by Crowdsourcing Human Rights and Democracy Council, and will be released May 7th.


With Homanity, dissident Iranian artists are making their voices heard

The compilation album, organized by Iranian Jewish activist Marjan Greenblatt, will release original songs to highlight Iran’s censorship of the arts

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"Kiosk" with the ninth album; "Stereo Talk" arrives

Headman of Kiosk, Arash Sobhani talks about the band's most recent album, their life, and success in speaking to the Iranian even while not being able to perform in the country, and the underground music scene in Iran. The full article can be found on Radio Farda

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Underground Iranian Band Steps Out of the Shadows: August 16, 2012 Heard on Tell Me More by NPR
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Underground Iranian Band Steps Out Of The Shadows
Heard on Tell Me More

Read the full article on NPR

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